You Improved Her Confidence

Katie screams from the back seat as the 4WD vehicle traverses steep, muddy roads. Brant Lane, an Automotive Consultant Trainer for JAARS Land Transportation, chuckles beside her. “You’re driving next, so you might want to pay attention.”

The intensive four-wheel drive course at JAARS has helped Katie prepare for service in the Solomon Islands.

Besides driving skills, Brant and the rest of the Land Transportation team train people how to use a winch so they can navigate various obstacles and pull the vehicle upright after a rollover accident. “Where most of the people we train are going,” Brant explains, “they can’t call roadside assistance to rescue them. Their knowledge and recovery tools may be their only resource.”

The 4WD vehicle that’s currently used for winch training was donated to JAARS several years ago. The team recently decided to give the vehicle a more thorough checkup. Instead of merely tearing down the vehicle and putting it back together, they realized the engine needed to be overhauled.

Chuck Comp, a volunteer, had come to wash vehicles, not rebuild an engine. But when the team learned of his mechanical expertise, they asked him to rebuild the engine. “The Lord put his skills together with our needs,” Brant says.

After a fresh coat of paint, the vehicle will continue boosting mission workers’ confidence. Katie and her husband took the training course because the driving conditions in the Solomon Islands, where they will serve, will be similar to the course.

“I am very thankful I did it,” Katie explains. “If I had gone to the Solomon Islands without the experience, I may have insisted my husband not drive on a road like that. Having driven it, I see that it is possible.”

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Most of the people we train can’t call roadside assistance. Their knowledge and recovery tools may be their only resource.