Making a Stand for Christ

JAARS associates with people who regularly make a stand for Christ.

Recently, dedicated JAARS partners made a literal stand for Christ—an engine run-stand, complete with a PT-6 turboprop engine. This long-needed stand:

  • Gives students valuable hands-on training in the operation and maintenance of this sophisticated engine.
  • Costs far less to operate than a real aircraft.
  • Prevents taking an aircraft out of service to provide training.

Piston-powered aircraft are yielding to more capable turbine-powered aircraft. This increased capability comes with increased complexity, so good training is a must to ensure the reliability and longevity of these assets.

This run-stand lets pilots and mechanics practice maintaining a workable turbine engine.

“The run-stand pays for itself if it prevents one error that takes an operational aircraft out of service,” Dan Osborn, the Aviation Training Manager at JAARS, says. Realizing this, JAARS budgeted money to start the project.

Miraculously, friends of JAARS in the aviation industry stepped up to help. Some volunteered their services. Others sold parts or provided labor at discounted prices. The final act of generosity was a donated, workable PT-6 engine and propeller. JAARS thus acquired a state-of-the-art run-stand at a fraction of its commercial cost.

As with many JAARS projects, the final product is only part of the story. Faith, prayers, and partnerships were the rest. As a result of people standing for Christ, mission workers now have an important tool that will help them share God’s Word throughout the world.

Will you consider making a stand with us with a gift to our Aviation Solutions?

As a result of people standing for Christ, mission workers now have an important tool to help them share God’s Word.