You help oral learners have access to God’s Word

For 80% of the world’s population, hearing God’s Word can be more impactful than reading it.

A translator from the Oral Bible Translation (OBT) team for the Viemo people in Burkina Faso, Africa, said, “I spent more than 20 years in written Bible translation, [but after] four years in OBT, I think the OBT work impacts [people] more than written Bible translation. People in Africa prefer audio to reading.”

Oral Bible Translator Boukari gets baptized after hearing the Gospel in his language!

The Viemo team reads portions of Luke each morning before starting their work, which is partly funded by JAARS. During this time, two translators who followed a major world religion accepted Jesus as their Savior.

One of them, Boukari, is grateful to God for saving him. “I became a Christian [through] the Word of God with the Viemo translation and thank God for that opportunity,” Boukari said. “I was touched with the words of God in my language.”

Thank you for your help in overcoming the barriers of illiteracy for the Viemo people!

Technology Solutions $150,000*

Your gifts help the Viemo and other translation teams overcome the barriers of illiteracy, intermittent electricity, and power/connectivity so God’s Word can go forth!

*All fundraising goals are based on the latest numbers available and are subject to change as we deploy current projects and commit to new ones for our partners around the world.