You can ease burdens for translators traveling in remote areas

The second highest mountain range in the world—the Andes—crosses through Peru.

Among these giants sits AIDIA, a local Christian organization that recently finished translating the Old Testament into Quechua for people who live in the East Apurimac region.

Staff members of AIDIA and their friends sit overlooking the town of Cotahuasi.

An AIDIA team is now translating the Bible into La Union Quechua for people in the Arequipa region. They must travel monthly from their headquarters in Abancay to Cotahuasiwhere the Bible translation takes place.

This trip is no easy feat! The bus route winds along the Andes’ spine and can take more than two days. It’s costly and tiring, leaving the translators too exhausted to work when they arrive.

Another option is shorter—10 to 12 hours. It’s only possible with a 4WD vehicle because the major part of the road is packed track, and in rainy times it becomes slippery.

To make this trek, the translation teams currently use their own vehicles, which are deteriorating. Our co-laborers are requesting a 4WD vehicle so they can travel to Cotahuasi. They will also use the vehicle to facilitate Scripture use, literacy and Sunday schools.

“The [vehicle] would help us complete the trips in less time and reduce costs of
the trip.”

“The [vehicle] would help us complete the trips in less time and reduce costs of the trip.”

Land Transportation $140,000*

You can ease burdens for translation teams in Peru and elsewhere so more people can have access to God’s transforming Word.

*All fundraising goals are based on the latest numbers available and are subject to change as we deploy current projects and commit to new ones for our partners around the world.