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Mike and Amy Martin have been working with the Kosarek people in Papua, Indonesia, since 2003 and on the translation since 2005. They plan to dedicate the Kosarek New Testament in August!

“We would not have been able to accomplish any of our work if it were not for the YAJASI team!” Amy said.

YAJASI, an aviation partner of JAARS, serves unreached people in Papua through aviation.

A Kosarek translator talks to one of the communities about the upcoming publication of the New Testament.

The Kosarek translation team recently wanted to spend time with various communities to conduct read-throughs of the New Testament and catch mistakes or find ways to make improvements before printing it.

JAARS-trained YAJASI pilots took the translation team out to the communities. The JAARS training these pilots have received—either Pre-Field Orientation or recurrency training (or both)—has enabled them to fly into difficult airstrips. Thank you for giving to Aviation Solutions!

The pilots turned a seven-hour hike into a seven-minute plane ride! They picked the team up in one village, and a few days later flew them into the next village, and so on.

During these trips, the Martins received some corrections and also learned that villagers in all three communities have a strong desire for the printed Word of God. People told them over and over again how glad they were to be able to understand the Scripture immediately. “They were hungry for the Word of God in a language that they could understand,” the Martins said.

A YAJASI pilot and mechanic are currently taking the Pre-Field Orientation course at JAARS so that more unreached people in Papua can hear about and experience the love of God.

And people like you giving to Aviation Solutions help make it possible. Thank you!

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