WELCOME: See What God is Doing!

We’re celebrating our 70th birthday this year, so we’re taking a time-out to look back at the many ways that God has blessed us as we have answered his call to help make Bible translation possible anywhere in the world.

Sometimes God has worked in breathtaking ways; occasionally he has carried out his plan through people who had no idea they were serving God’s purposes; and many times he has worked through the willingness of his servants to work, give, pray, and tell others about JAARS.

We have delved into publications, records, and personal accounts of the past seven decades, so that we may never forget God’s mighty acts on our behalf. As Psalm 78:4 says, “… we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”

However, we’re only looking backward for a moment, because God’s provision throughout our history is what gives us confidence in what he IS doing and what he WILL do going forward. Today we rely, more than ever, on God’s calling and provision to meet the needs of Scripture translators as they strive to reach the roughly 600 million people still with little-to-no Scripture in their heart language.*

Occasionally God has carried out his plan through people who had no idea they were serving his purposes.


We have rejoiced, over the past year, in the miracle of transformed lives in communities in South Asia when the Word of God reached hearts through audio and visual recordings produced in the studio made possible by your gifts. We witnessed God’s amazing provision of a helicopter for Cameroon—including protecting it from pirate attack. And that’s just scratching the surface … read more in this issue, or browse our website for the latest reports of God’s blessings.

We know God will continue to meet the needs of his servants as they are obedient to his calling. Because we’ve been watching God in action for 70 years.

*As of October 2017, per Wycliffe Global Alliance here.

Grace Miller

Grace Miller

Grace is editor managing editor of Rev. 7.