What I love about history is not the facts, locations, dates, and accomplishments. What I find so encouraging are the accounts of people—people that God used to accomplish amazing things that even they probably didn’t fully understand.

The story of the modern Bible translation movement—and JAARS’ contribution—is an amazing one to recount. In this year when we celebrate God’s faithfulness over 70 years of ministry through JAARS, it is good for us to look back and remember those who have gone before. You’ve read amazing stories in this issue. These represent only a tiny portion of all that God has done. I continue to be touched, amazed—and grateful.

But there’s one very important point: this story is not over because the work is not yet done.

Today it is up to us to live our lives wholly dedicated and consecrated to the Lord Jesus Christ, committed to serve faithfully in God’s mission as he leads—now and into the future. Our vision is that people from every tribe, nation, and language can know and worship Jesus Christ, experiencing the transforming power of his love and grace through the Word of God in the languages they understand best. Hundreds of millions cannot because the Word is not yet available to them. It is now our turn.

JAARS is committed to serve this global movement with the unique gifts and abilities God has entrusted to us. We invite you to join with us—either for the first time or again—so that the Lord Jesus will receive the glory he deserves in all the peoples of the earth.

Thank you.

Woody McLendon

Woody McLendon

Woody serves as the president of JAARS.