“Thank God …”

YAJASI—a JAARS partner in Indonesia—provides logistical solutions by flying Bible translation, humanitarian, and medical missions throughout Papua.

“… we have the people and the training and the tools to address translation needs for the 66 language groups we’re focused on.

Our problem, in a mountainous island country where roads reach only 30 percent of the population, is transportation.

We’ve been blessed by solutions that JAARS has provided already, and we’re now praying together and collaborating on transportation logistics with even greater impact!”

  ~Tony Kotauga, president of the Bible Translation Association of Papua New Guinea (BTA-PNG)


Tony Kotauga, president of the Bible Translation Association of Papua New Guinea (BTA-PNG) will tell you that the same thing is true for his colleagues doing translation work all around the world. Getting off-the-grid, and working there effectively, is sometimes the major barrier to getting life-transforming Scripture—in the language they understand best—into the hands and hearts of people.

Today, we’re asking you once again to join us in our Campaign for Possible. As we hear and respond to needs like BTA’s around the world, we know we need your help.

We specifically invite you to invest in the core work of JAARS—the R&D, training, partnership building, project management, and support infrastructure that make everything else we do possible.

We call this our CORE Mission Operations. And right now we’re upgrading the systems, global-solution design capabilities, program management capacity, and more that will allow us to provide the overseas operational support our partners are increasingly requesting. Growth and impact always require a firm foundation!

Our Campaign ends July 31. Would you prayerfully consider supporting this Campaign with a generous gift as the Lord leads?  Every dollar invested in our CORE is multiplied by the many overseas solutions it enables.