Starting Over


Fred Leman prepares to set off on a crop-dusting flight. He is currently in training to use his skills and experience to support Scripture translation in Papua New Guinea.

Fred Leman has logged hundreds of hours during his career as an agricultural pilot. But he has come to JAARS for the latest pre-field orientation (PFO)—an intensive 16-week training course that will prepare him for mission aviation in Papua New Guinea. Why is JAARS training necessary? Fred responds.

“My previous experience was beneficial, but it was a specific type of flying. When I came to PFO, I was looking forward to ‘starting over,’ since some of the basic skills I need for mission aviation had gotten rusty. The instructors have been careful to start with the basics and make sure I was proficient in each skill before moving to the next.”

This is what JAARS aviation training is about—molding and augmenting the skills of experienced pilots, preparing them to meet the unique challenges of mission aviation. “I have really appreciated the instructors’ professionalism,” says Fred. “They are committed to proficiency and a higher calling.”

Your support of JAARS Training Solutions enables aviation workers such as Fred to “start over” in their efforts to do the Lord’s work.