Technology Solutions: Training, Support, and Tools

Back in 1983, the JAARS magazine Beyond reported on the growing use of computers in translation work, adding that “computer technology is making immense strides every day and JAARS intends that Bible translation shall benefit.”

A knowledgeable tech support team makes translation faster and more accurate.

But computers, software, and Internet service are valuable only if trained support technicians are available to help translators and language consultants use them to the fullest advantage. Thanks to your gifts, we are providing the training and tools that tech support specialists need in South Asia.

A recent workshop there resulted in upgrades to ParaText and Render, two software programs that have proven immensely valuable to translation workers. Eight translation teams were trained in ParaText and assisted in transferring their files to the newest version.

The department manager created an Intranet website to consolidate IT information for the staff and to reduce time-consuming manual tasks. She also developed a keyboard for the team, enabling them to type in their language’s alphabet. Another tech specialist assisted in firewall fixes, security, and back-up systems.

Your gifts and prayers in support of ongoing technology training in South Asia are deeply appreciated.