Helping Make Bible Translation Possible in Africa

And no continent on Earth has more Bible translation projects underway—or more projects needed but yet to begin—than Africa. Numerous people groups are waiting to receive the gospel in their own heart languages. JAARS is dedicated to serving our translation partners in Africa with locally appropriate and sustainable solutions in four important areas.


Road infrastructure is a challenge in some African countries. Translation progress depends upon safe, affordable transportation solutions like motorbikes, 4WD vehicles, and mission aviation service. In Cameroon, after unforeseen delays, the R66 helicopter has been reassembled and is undergoing flight testing and will soon be operational, renewing much-needed air transportation service. Beyond basic aircraft operations, funding is needed for items such as licensing, insurance and pilot training.


Efficient translation now depends on technologies like mobile laptops, remote power systems, and reliable internet connectivity—in short supply in many African nations. The ability to work remotely among language communities—to save and back up work, to share and consult with others over work-in-progress—is the backbone of modern translation, requiring constant support.


A media organization we’ve teamed with for several years works with local people to create websites featuring Scripture in their local languages. People can access the sites to find, read, listen to, and watch God’s Word, all in the language they share. And viewers can—and do—share the content with friends. “It’s a high-tech world, and an overwhelming majority of people have access to theInternet via computers, netbooks, or smart phones,” relates one of the organization’s leaders.


Any solution put into place requires training those who will use it to ensure the safety and sustainability of their efforts. JAARS training support stretches across a broad spectrum: pilots, mechanics, drivers, IT professionals, and maritime travelers serving in Africa.

What continent on Planet Earth is the second largest, with 11.7 million square miles, and the second most-populous, with 1.2 billion people? The answer — Africa.


Has God laid it on your heart to support the Church in Africa?