Faith Comes by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of God

Linguistic researchers have found that in most minority people groups, less than half the people can read. Daily lives are built around personal interactions, not written texts. They have little reason to pick up a printed Bible. For these oral communities, audio is the answer.

Local translation teams, with the assistance of trained staff members, record the entire New Testament or a single book, worship songs and Bible stories. The JESUS film is dubbed into a local language. The result—access to God’s Word in an audio format for people in their heart languages.

In South Asia, the New Testament audio recording for the“S” language group was completed and JESUS film DVDs in the “K” language were prepared and arranged for dedication and distribution. This past December in Germany, a Scripture Engagement and Social Media Summit was held to explore the significant impact social media can have on Scripture Engagement. Future project planning included how to use social media to engage minority language groups with Scripture.

Your support ensures that studio operating costs, including staff salaries, are met; that equipment—like audio Scripture players—is available to distribute recorded materials and that staff members can attend workshops to sharpen and upgrade their skills.

For millions of people around the world of all ages and spiritual backgrounds, audio might be the only way they can experience God’s Word in their own language. Learn more about this expanding work here.