Helicopter Service Continues in Cameroon—Better Than Ever!

The ship carrying a desperately needed R66 helicopter to our partner SIL Cameroon has finally arrived in Cameroon.

JAARS aviation workers from Waxhaw, North Carolina, teamed with SIL mechanics to reassemble the helicopter. After final adjustments and test flights, a JAARS instructor pilot and our pilot in Cameroon flew the R66 to the helicopter’s home base in the mountains of northwest Cameroon for transition flight training. The older R44 helicopter will be disassembled for shipment back to JAARS.

Faith, hard work, and answered prayer enabled JAARS workers to locate, purchase, and refit this helicopter. Previous editions of Partner Express have told this story well, but less well known is how JAARS aviation training made this transfer possible. Pilots from JAARS needed training to take possession of the new helicopter and will provide R66 transition training for pilots at SIL Cameroon.

JAARS is renowned for its pre-field orientation program, but just as important is the recurrent and as-needed training JAARS provides. The safe delivery of the R66 helicopter displays how JAARS implements solutions from start to finish.