Maintenance Field Trip

YAJASI pilots Mark Hoving and Brad McFarlane flew Dano to the remote village along with equipment to repair the damaged PC-6. Photo by Mark Hoving

Usually, Dano works in the YAJASI hangar at Sentani, but sometimes he gets to go on a field trip. In April, he had the opportunity to go to an interior airstrip to repair an aircraft with a damaged elevator. As part of a regular YAJASI ministry assignment, Luke Sjoblom had flown to the interior airstrip where the damage had occurred—due to a mishap that was neither his fault nor a maintenance issue. After the incident, Luke had contacted the hangar to report the problem and ask how he should proceed. Dano, YAJASI’s chief mechanic, the maintenance team, and the other pilots at the hangar determined that the aircraft was not airworthy. So, because of the time of day, Luke had spent the night in this remote village. 

The next day, two YAJASI pilots, Mark Hoving and Brad McFarlane, flew Dano from Sentani into the village along with the replacement elevator and tools.

Dano and pilot Luke Sjoblom unload the replacement elevator. Photo by Mark Hoving


Dano working on the elevator with onlookers. Photo by Mark Hoving

Right there at the end of the tiny airstrip, Dano changed out the large part—with a curious audience, of course. When the repair was finished, Mark and Dano flew the repaired airplane back to Sentani. Luke and Brad completed some more ministry flights before they returned to Sentani. Praise the Lord for the safe return of all the pilots, Dano, and the aircraft. The YAJASI aviation team never know what comes next, but they stand ready, with God’s help, to respond.

Currently, a translation team is working on the New Testament for this people group. Their goal is to complete the translation in the next 10 years! Let’s pray for them. 

Article based on information supplied by Melinda Whited.