FlightSpan training materials

Chuck Daly has developed a body of written and video training materials for FlightSpan, with Chris providing the voice talent for the videos. Look for FlightSpan on YouTube. JAARS has decided that the safety and efficiency enhancements FlightSpan provides for aviation operations may be of interest to other mission organizations. So in May, Chuck and his boss Nate Gordon traveled to Longview, Texas, to present FlightSpan to the International Association of Missionary Aviation. The team also demonstrated the app at AirVenture in Oshkosh in July.

Chuck presenting FlightSpan

Four different aviation organizations around the world are already using FlightSpan, and a fifth organization is onboarding. Plus, several more organizations are expressing interest in using its tools. If you would like to see the one-hour presentation (or parts of it!), click here.



Chuck Daly

Chuck Daly

Chuck is currently a FlightSpan™ subscriber support specialist, and his wife Chris is on the prayer team for the JAARS Learning and Development department. Chuck served as a pilot in Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, and Peru. He also served as a flight instructor, chief pilot, and in transportation leadership roles at the JAARS Base in Waxhaw, NC, while Chris homeschooled their three children and filled a variety of support roles. They now live near two of their three grandchildren in Durham, NC.