How the Lord Opened Doors in My Life

YAJASI—a JAARS partner in Indonesia—flies Bible translation, humanitarian, and medical missions throughout Papua. Mechanics who can keep their aircraft flying are always scarce, which makes Sony Haumeny’s recent training at JAARS so important. He is the first Indonesian mechanic to complete the JAARS pre-field orientation and the first US-certified Indonesian mechanic to work for YAJASI. His story is a powerful testimony to how the Lord is using him in vital ways.

I was born in Sentani (Papua) and raised in a Christian family. I received Jesus as my Savior when I was 17, but strayed from my religious roots after I graduated from high school. I found work as a motorcycle mechanic, but my boss treated me like a slave. I was making money, though, and I lived close with the world. I stopped praying, going to church, even reading my Bible.


But one day, an old friend came into the shop and invited me to join his music team to play in a young Christian club. As I attended the club regularly over the next year and a half, my faith was renewed! After this, I was sure about my faith in Jesus, but at the same time, I was uncertain about my future.

Then the Lord opened a very big door for me—I was admitted to a school called TITIP.* The school’s mission is “to help Indonesian students realize their potential through academic and spiritual training.” I was lucky to get into the school because there were maybe 500 people who applied for 20 positions, but I believe God put me there for a reason.

After my first year, I took an aptitude test that showed I had strong technical and mechanical skills. I did an internship with YAJASI, where I guess they saw my potential, because I was offered a full-time job. I worked as a helper at first—cleaning airplanes, removing seats, doing janitorial work. It was a dirty job, but I still liked it. I was happy to see something come clean and make people happy! After two years as a helper, I underwent a technical evaluation to see if I could train to be a pilot or mechanic. I qualified for both, but my (now) wife asked me just to work as a mechanic, so that is what I did.


The next door the Lord opened led me to the United States for training. YAJASI sent me to Michigan to earn an A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) mechanic’s certificate, and then to JAARS for their technical evaluation. After returning to Papua for two years, I came back to the States to complete my JAARS pre-field orientation and attend engine and propeller schools. I now am a certified YAJASI and JAARS mechanic, qualified to work on all our PC-6 and PC-12 aircraft. I hope I can take a leadership position to train and supervise other mechanics at YAJASI, particularly other Indonesians.

I have worked for YAJASI for almost 12 years now, but I remember when God chose me to join TITIP. I see clearly now how God opened all the doors that I couldn’t. He’s not finished with me yet, and I am excited every morning when I wake up to see what he will do next in my life.