“If There is Anything I Can Do to Help … ”

“My name is Micah Poffenberger,” the letter began. “I am very glad about what JAARS does, and I pray for JAARS every day. I am only ten years old, but if there is anything I can do to help, please tell me.”

The letter included an $11 donation, some of the young man’s Christmas gift money. Micah was introduced to JAARS when he and his family went to a Missions at the Airport (MATA) event in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, last year. Drawn by his love of anything related to airplanes—a passion he shares with his great-grandfather—Micah was excited to learn more about how aviation can serve missions work.

“Micah has been interested in missionaries since he was very small,”says Micah’s father, Clint Poffenberger. Their home church, Needmore Bible Church, pastored by Micah’s grandfather, is “very missions-minded,” Clint added. Missionary stories and biographies have been an important feature of the family’s homeschool curriculum.

“I really like airplanes and when I am old enough I want to be in JAARS,” Micah concluded in his letter. He is already determined to serve Bible translation in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and is hard at work researching education and training to pursue in coming years. “I always read a lot of PNG things in the JAARS news and I got really interested in telling people there about Christ,” Micah declared.

“Micah is a very strong-minded boy,” his father reports. “He teaches us a lot about being faithful.”

Jesus was able to feed a crowd of 5,000 people when a little boy shared his lunch of five small barley loaves and two small fishes (John 6:1–12). God is still working today through the gifts we give from our hearts, no matter how small. You can join Micah in supporting Bible translation through JAARS by using the response card inside the back cover of this magazine, or by going to jaars.org/give.