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Where We Serve

Some of the world’s most remote and difficult places are where Bible translation is needed most.

The obstacles can seem insurmountable: Mountains, oceans, and rainforests. Poor or nonexistent roads. No power, Internet, or modern technology. But we believe God can make Bible translation possible in every community, no matter how remote. 


No continent on earth has more translation projects underway—or more projects still needed—than Africa. It’s home to 30 percent of the world’s languages and more than 1,000 language groups with little-to-no Scripture.


Across this vast continent, Christians and mission organizations are partnering to share God’s message of hope and love. The task is huge: more than 900 languages in Asia still have less than a full New Testament.


The Pacific islands represent one of the greatest remaining needs for Bible translation. More than 1,300 languages are spoken here—over 900 of which still need translation work.


Nearly 1,000 languages are spoken across the 11 time zones that cover the Americas. More than 300 language projects here are complete, but hundreds more are needed.