Training Solutions: Mission Workers: The Invaluable Element

This issue of Partner Express focuses on the incredible way technology has advanced Bible translation throughout the world. Yet, the heart and soul of mission work is—and always will be—the mission worker. These dedicated servants sacrifice personal comforts and financial rewards to live in remote areas of the world where they can further the work of the Lord. Bryan Jones exemplifies this dedication.

Kodiaks on the ramp in Papua New Guinea

Bryan was called to serve the Lord during his senior year of college. He soon discovered the requirements to become a mission pilot were significant—and expensive. Undaunted, he attended LeTourneau University where he earned multiple pilot ratings along with a mechanic’s Airframe and Powerplant certificate. Then, working as a flight instructor for several years, he built flight time and gained experience prior to entering JAARS pre-field orientation (PFO).

JAARS PFO is the “graduate” course prospective mission workers attend to prepare for the demands of overseas flying. Because of your generous gifts, JAARS was able to subsidize the high cost of Bryan’s training, including commercial turbine training for the aircraft he is slated to fly overseas.

In October 2018, Bryan and his family left for Papua New Guinea (PNG) to begin service—16 years after hearing the call from the Lord! Because of his dedication and your giving, God’s Word continues to reach the people of PNG.

To ensure pilots like Bryan continue to receive quality training, invest in the JAARS Training Solutions fund.