You can provide safe means of transportation

Willem Van De Bruinhorst and his wife are Scripture Engagement workers for 11 languages in the Aitape West project in Papua New Guinea (PNG). They live in the village of Arop where they conduct translation, literacy, and Oral Bible Storytelling (OBS) workshops as well as helping the villagers interact with already-translated Scripture. The rest of their team flies in from Wewak and travels to Arop—a 6-8 hour drive over rough roads—to help lead the workshops.

One of the team members travels to a village via the ATV that JAARS funded

The team also travels to villages in the Aitape West project to teach Bible studies and invite villagers to workshops. After attending an OBS workshop, a participant said: “I told the story in our vernacular. One old man fell down and started crying. He said: ‘I learned so much, now I heard this story in my own language.’”

For all this travel, the Van De Bruinhorsts previously used PNG’s unreliable, and at times unsafe, public transportation system called PMVs, which are small buses. They never knew if the car would show up, and often the PMVs were in bad shape.

“The Toyota Land Cruiser made it so much easier and safer to travel between Wewak and Arop.”

But now, thanks to generous people like you giving to Land Transportation Solutions, the Aitape West project owns a Toyota Land Cruiser and an ATV and can have safer and more reliable trips.

“The Toyota Land Cruiser made it so much easier and safer to travel between Wewak and Arop,” Willem said, which enables them to share God’s Word with remote people in PNG!

Opportunity $138,000*

Your gifts to Land Transportation Solutions help fund the vehicles and tools that keep Bible translators safe and efficient!

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