You can provide power for translation teams in Africa

The new solar panels on the roof of the center in Bamenda.

Until recently, the Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL) had difficulty running translation projects, which require internet access—at times, their office had power for only two hours a day!

Wayne Ferris, Corey Wenger, and Jeremy Maller—members of SIL’s** Field Systems team—worked with the language-technology and IT staff at CABTAL to find a right solution. This happened to be a solar-power system that JAARS was able to provide thanks to people like you giving to JAARS Technology Solutions.

After their new system was installed, CABTAL held a translation-consultant training course. “Since this project was implemented,” Joseph Mouicho, CABTAL’s regional coordinator for the Greater West, said, “[our] consultant-in-training workshop had a smooth ride!”

Some of the current technology needs in Africa include:

  • a power backup system in Côte dˈIvoire to keep its systems working reliably
  • replacement of a battery system in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • an internet upgrade in Chad


Opportunity $256,800*

Your gifts to Technology Solutions enable Bible translation to continue in the remote places of the world.


**A JAARS partner

*All fundraising goals are based on the latest numbers available and are subject to change as we deploy current projects and commit to new ones for our partners around the world.