You can give translators the means of conducting Bible translation activities

Dedicating the recently arrived motorcycles and vehicle at CITBA.

The translation organization CITBA** in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) manages 10 Bible translation projects.

To complete and publish the New Testament translation in these languages by 2023, its teams need to travel up to 479 miles.

Thanks to people like you giving to Land Transportation Solutions, we provided CITBA with the vehicle and motorcycles they need.

However, other DRC translation projects, like the Havu and Luholu, also need motorcycles. Travel to remote communities is a major challenge for local Bible translators. Motorcycles can give translators a safe and reliable means of conducting Bible translation activities.




Opportunity $540,000*

You can ensure that vital Bible translation efforts proceed in Africa by giving to Land Transportation Solutions.


**A JAARS partner

*All fundraising goals are based on the latest numbers available and are subject to change as we deploy current projects and commit to new ones for our partners around the world.