Working Remotely

Internet access helps an MTT translator communicate with the Etheringtons. Photo credit Kars Kroneman

Many people around the world have recently learned what it is like to work remotely. As translators Paul and Pip Etherington worked from home in New Zealand, they were relying on connecting via internet with their MTTs (mother tongue translators) in a remote village on the island of Papua, Indonesia. They were making great progress in translating God’s Word until about a month ago, when internet problems interrupted their long-distance communication. Paul asked YAJASI if someone could stop in the village sometime while flying in the area and troubleshoot the problem.

Kars made this trip and was pleased to find it was an easy fix. Their solar electricity, which powers the internet and all the computers they use to communicate, was being drained by an appliance which didn’t need to be turned on. Kars also found that, unknowingly, the MTTs had “muted” their communication with Paul, so they had missed his messages! A simple change in the settings and communication is now restored. Praise God for even the small ways that YAJASI is able to support Bible translation in Papua.

This setup enables these MTTs to continue their translation work with the Etheringtons while they’re in two separate countries. Photo credit Kars Kroneman



Missy Kroneman

Missy Kroneman

Kars and Missy both grew up overseas as children of missionaries. God led their family to move to Indonesia in 2013 where Kars serves as a pilot and aircraft mechanic with our partner organization, YAJASI. Missy serves at home as wife and mother, but she also enjoys caring for others through hospitality and logistics. They have two sons, Benji and Jozie.