Touch Down Zone: O*

Airstrip: O*

Surface: Grass

Elevation: 1,800 feet

Length: 430 meters/1,411 feet

Width: 15 meters/49 feet

Slope: 0%

Interesting Facts:  O sits in a mountain valley with a restricted view of the runway from the downwind-to-base turn. It’s also built in a river bend, so extending the length is impossible.

Mission work in O includes church planting, discipleship, leading a government-sponsored primary school, and encouraging use of the newly translated New Testament. The missionaries are totally dependent on the airplane for all supplies.

Time Saved: The flight from base to the O area takes one hour and fifty minutes. The time saved is very difficult to determine. Overland access is essentially impossible because of the rugged terrain, proximity to Brazil’s borders with other countries, and the great distance from the closest road.  Boat travel is possible for certain stretches of the river, but waterfalls of up to 50m make it difficult-to-impossible to proceed at certain points. The airplane is essential!




View a video of landing at O here.

View an airstrip chart here.

Unlike much of the Amazon rainforest which is a flat basin, O is surrounded by rugged terrain on all sides with peaks up to 4,000 feet. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
This small creek indicates when it is time to turn base, as the downwind leg is flown in a valley without visual reference to the runway. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
The traffic pattern for landing at O.

O from the air. Photo credit Luke Kanagy

The runway is built in the river bend so it cannot be lengthened. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
The runway and village at O. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
Parked at O. The building to the right of the runway is the school. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
The runway at O. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
Since O is extremely isolated, homes there are constructed from natural materials found in the Amazon rainforest. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
This landing was really muddy! Photo credit Luke Kanagy
The arrival of an aircraft in this remote region is always a big deal for the whole village. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
Villagers quickly gather to meet an arriving aircraft. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
The 206 parked in front of the missionaries’ home at O. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
This HF radio is the only way of communicating with this village, except for satellite messaging devices like InReach. The HF is still heavily used and contact is made every morning. Photo credit Luke Kanagy
This solar setup powers the radio. The building behind is home to a local family. Photo credit Luke Kanagy