True Treasures

Not everyone in the world enjoys instant internet access. Access to the internet is especially weak in central Africa, according to Bill Mayes, the information and communication technology coordinator for Africa. In one capital city, “the city is only able to budget power to neighborhoods for about six hours a day,” Bill says.

Participants learn from each other at an IT Connect conference held annually in Burkina Faso.

On this continent, Bible translation is underway for over 1,000 languages. And technology support is helping move those languages without slowing down.

The men and women who keep these technology tools up and running are the true treasures. Without them, the process of Bible translation would be slower and more difficult. Every year, around February, Bill pulls together a conference to teach the IT specialists who support—via technology—language centers and teams scattered throughout the French-speaking part of Africa.

The Africa IT Connect conference “is primarily to connect us so that we can solve problems and support the people that are here,” Bill explains.

Zida came to this conference for the first time. “We didn’t even know he was out there,” Bill says. Zida is the IT worker for an organization that strives to make the Word of God available to all Burkinabè in their own language.

Zida works with national translators who lack basic computer knowledge, so he must train them. “I was very moved at this conference,” he says. “I have learned a lot about new technologies. I met friendly people, and there was a good atmosphere. I am feeling confident.”

IT Connect conferences, which occur twice a year in Africa, help IT support personnel shine in their roles so that God’s work can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Their knowledge and capability in this difficult place is just one outcome of your generous support.

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