Home Away From Home

Where are you sleeping tomorrow night?

For some Christian workers returning to the United States from serving overseas, this question can weigh heavy with worry.

This is one reason that JAARS offers furnished housing. Penny recently returned from serving overseas with her family. “It was a big help to have housing available at JAARS,” she relates. “We had sold our house before we moved, so we needed a place to call ‘home’ for a short time.”

The facilities staff at JAARS are currently upgrading housing facilities so that missionaries like Penny’s family, as well as first-time guests at JAARS, can have the best possible experience. The staff is currently renovating an apartment in the Crowells, one of the oldest buildings on the campus—built around 1960. “We went in and gutted the whole inside [of the apartment],” Kerry Oppel, the Director of Facilities relates. “We put a new kitchen in it, new flooring, repainted the walls, and we’re redoing the bathroom right now. We’re going to copy that throughout the whole building so each apartment will be redone.”

Housing facilities built in the 1960s are in great need of renovation.

JAARS housing ensures that missionaries on furlough have a place to regroup and work. Living on campus also allows visitors who are engaged in long-term training to be ‘where the action is’ and connect with on-site colleagues.

Note: The cost for renovations is not covered by rental rates. Learn more here about housing and other key logistical support provided by CORE Mission Operations. Your gifts to CORE will help provide the much-needed upgrades to JAARS housing facilities.