Touchdown Zone: M*

Airstrip: M*

Region: Brazil

Surface: Grass

Elevation: 740 feet

Length: 530 meters/1,739 feet

Width: 12 meters/39 feet

Slope: 3.5%

Interesting Facts: Five missionaries are serving here in church planting, literacy training in the local school, and discipleship. The New Testament translation is nearing completion, and before the end of this year, work will begin on the Old Testament.

Time Saved: It is a 50-minute flight from base to the M area. The overland trip begins with several hours by car to the river followed by two long days by canoe. The canoe travel requires a very skillful boatman because there are dangerous rapids at three different points along the route. Indigenous people have lost their lives trying to navigate these hazardous waters. During dry season the canoe and cargo must be carried overland at these points.

Watch a takeoff from M here.

View the M airstrip chart here.



The M runway from overhead  Photo credit Peter Stuart


M runway and village from the air  Photo credit Peter Stuart


The Cessna 206 parked at M village Photo credit Peter Stuart


The village at M  Photo credit Peter Stuart


The 206 parked at M  Photo credit Peter Stuart