Contemporary Avionics Fashion


Preparing to work on an airplane these days requires an updated set of gear for Tim Fox.

The LED headlight provides light exactly where Tim needs it while keeping both hands free to hold tools and parts as he works in cramped spaces. Bifocal safety glasses enable him to see far distances through the middle portion and close objects through both the top and the bottom portions of the lens. A COVID mask is just a part of life in 2021.

Currently Tim spends most of his time installing wiring that enables radios and electrical equipment to work properly.

Each piece of equipment does its job well, but wearing all three at the same time is challenging. Aiming the headlight, looking through the appropriate focal section, and keeping glasses free of mask-induced fog takes talent! 


Tim Fox

Tim Fox

Tim and Nicole Fox currently serve at the JAARS Center in Waxhaw, NC, where Tim works as an avionics technician. Nicole joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1999 and taught at international schools in Thailand and Papua New Guinea. Tim joined as an avionics technician in 2003 and served in Papua New Guinea where they met. They were married in 2009.