TouchDown Zone: Mokndoma

Airstrip:  Mokndoma

Region: Papua, Indonesia

Surface: Shale rock

Elevation: 6,650 feet

Length: 460 meters/1,509 feet

Width: 14 meters/46 feet

Slope: 2% at touchdown with a small section at the top that increases to 9%

People group served: Wano

Interesting Facts:  YAJASI has flown many building supplies for the school started by Sekolah Lentera Harapan in Mokndoma two years ago. YAJASI also provides air support for Ethnos360 missionaries who live and work in Mokndoma. The Wano people have received the gospel and have sent their own evangelists to two other villages—Mbomban and Acodi. YAJASI is privileged to fly these national evangelists to and from their places of ministry.

Weather is often an issue at this one-way strip. As the sun comes out and heats the ground, warmer air from the valley rises and cools, forming clouds right at the altitude of Mokndoma.

A YAJASI pilot can land with a full load at Mokndoma but because of the high altitude, they are restricted in their take-off load. A YAJASI PC-6 can carry about 400kg out while a Kodiak can take about 200kg.

Time Saved:  From YAJASI’s home base in Sentani to Mokndoma is a 1 hour 40 minute flight. Overland travel is virtually impossible due to jungle, swamp, mountains, and rugged terrain void of roads. There is an option of flying to Mulia, the next closest community. Mulia has a paved runway as well as a school, clinic, and government center. However, the language spoken in Mulia is totally different than in Mokndoma. Mulia is an eight-minute flight or a two-day hike from Mokndoma.


Mokndoma is located in a basin on the side of a mountain ridge. Photo credit Tim Ruth
Mokndoma from the air. Photo credit Tim Ruth
Looking down the runway at Mokndoma. Photo credit Tim Ruth
YAJASI Pilot Nate Gordon preparing to install runway markers using a wheel to measure distance. Photo credit Tim Ruth
Opening Mokndoma in 2014. View down the runway with the new markers installed. Photo credit Tim Ruth
YAJASI Pilot Nate Gordon with some of the local people. Photo credit Tim Ruth
Celebrating the opening of the new runway in 2014. Photo credit Tim Ruth



Looking down on two YAJASI PC-6s parked at Mokndoma. Photo credit Tim Ruth
Missionaries in Mokndoma try to give oxygen brought in by YAJASI to a sick baby. Photo credit Kars Kroneman
Man above the parking area. Photo credit Kars Kroneman
Two YAJASI PC-6 aircraft waiting at Mokndoma for the rain and weather to pass over before heading home. Photo credit Kars Kroneman
Waiting for fog to lift in Mokndoma. The clouds move quickly and even though the approach was open on landing, the pilots need to wait on the ground for the weather to lift again. Photo credit Kars Kroneman
The village and runway at Mokndoma. Photo credit Kars Kroneman