The God of the Wind and Rain

YAJASI pilots Luke Sjoblom and my husband Kars were scheduled for two PC-6 flights to a remote village for the first-ever baptisms among the N* people. The guests they were flying in for this special event included a former missionary who had been a part of planting the church in the area. On Tuesday, the scheduled flight day, it rained most of the day. Neither Kars nor Luke could make it into the village. Both took off, then turned their planes around and came home, with the hope of trying again the next morning. 

On Wednesday, I (Missy) was sick at home recovering from dengue fever and typhoid.  I “happened” to check on Kars’ flight to see where he was and how the progress of getting into the village was going.  As I checked, Kars was five minutes away from landing—so I started praying.  I knew this was a high pressure situation: the previous day’s flights couldn’t get in, important baptisms were scheduled, and special guests had come from the other side of the world!  I prayed especially for wisdom in the moment-by-moment decisions.  And I prayed that God would move the clouds and calm the wind. Then I visualized Jesus calming the storm, and I changed my prayer to: “God, STOP the wind!”  I could see Kars made it onto the ground, and I praised God for this answer to prayer.

Later in the day, Kars returned home and began telling me about his flight. He said, it was windy, but then suddenly, the wind just STOPPED!  

I grinned from ear to ear and asked, “You know why?” 

 He looked at me.  

“That was the very thing I was praying at the very moment you were landing!”  

I still get teary-eyed thinking about it. God didn’t have to answer that specific prayer. It had nothing to do with me: but He chose to encourage my heart and show His power by answering it. 

Later we heard from the missionary that on Tuesday, the day the baptisms were originally planned, the pit they were hoping to use for the baptisms didn’t have much water in it.  But then, with the delay of the flights, they changed the celebration to Wednesday. And guess what? It rained most of the day on Tuesday; by Wednesday there was enough water in the “baptismal”! By Thursday it was dry again. What a gracious way for God to show His power and care for this group of believers. Pray for their faith to grow.

N pastor giving testimony and explaining baptism.

*Pseudonym used for security purposes

Missy Kroneman

Missy Kroneman

Kars and Missy both grew up overseas as children of missionaries. God led their family to move to Indonesia in 2013 to serve with the gifts that He has blessed them with. Kars serves as a pilot and airplane mechanic with the partner organization of YAJASI, and is currently their Chief Pilot. One of the things he enjoys most is being an encouragement to the isolated villagers. Missy stays at home in the roles of wife and mother to their two sons, but she enjoys opportunities of caring for others through hospitality and logistics.