God’s Word Arrives for the Moi

Photo by Heather Marx

In early January the YAJASI team assisted with delivering God’s Word to the Moi people in Daboto, Indonesia. Pilots Brad McFarlane and Kars Kroneman flew Scriptures and numerous visitors who came to join the celebration. Catch a glimpse of the sights and read some comments shared during the event.

The airstrip at Daboto. Photo by Heather Marx

The Moi people live in a very remote area of Papua, Indonesia. 

Steve and Carolyn Crockett. Photo by Marvin Crockett

From the very beginning, YAJASI airplanes supported the Crockett family working with Ethnos 360 and made it possible for them to live and work in Daboto.

Daboto. Photo by Heather Marx

Without flight service it would take the Moi about two weeks to hike to the nearest town. It is very remote and had remained pretty much uncontacted until the late 90s.

Carolyn Crockett with some Moi children. Photo by Heather Marx
Photo by Heather Marx

On this day, Daboto villagers awaited the arrival of precious cargo: newly printed Moi New Testaments and visitors who were coming for the celebration.

Photo by Heather Marx

There was a lot of excitement and many happy tears were shed when the Moi New Testaments arrived in Daboto.

Steve and Carolyn with many of the people who were involved in the translation project. Photo by Jason Russ
The Crockett’s daughters, who now also serve in overseas missions, brought their families back to this place where they had grown up. They could not hold back tears of joy as they held the result of their dad’s years of hard work. Photo by Heather Marx
After unloading the newly arrived boxes of Scripture, the local people gave thanks in prayer before carrying them to the dedication site. Photo by Heather Marx
Steve and Carolyn Crockett with the New Testament. Photo by Steve Crockett

The Moi people often spoke of the way God’s Word was changing their lives.

 2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.”

Photo by Heather Marx

“These are not human words. They are God’s words.”

Photo by Heather Marx

In the hut: “Small talk … but we talk about the Lord in our huts.”

Photo by Heather Marx

“God’s Word makes us alive.”

“God’s Word helps us live right.” 

Photo by Heather Marx

“It’s not just rules saying don’t do … it’s given to us to give us straight hearts. That’s God’s talk!”

“We have a crooked way, but God makes our way straight.”

“When we cut down a tree, we use a vine to pull the tree in the right direction. God’s Word is like that. It pulls us in the right direction.”

Photo by Heather Marx

“The Creator’s talk will help you mature in the Lord.”

Pilots Kars Kroneman and Brad McFarlane accept a New Testament on behalf of YAJASI for their role in getting God’s Word to the Moi people. Photo by Heather Marx
Bubabo helped with the comprehension checking of the translation. He listened to the translated verses, and edits were made based on his response and understanding. Photo by Heather Marx
Steve thanks Minaya, Ambinape, Carolyn, Sepaiye, Mbameyodeo, Bumani, and Bubabo who helped him with the translation process. Photo by Heather Marx

“To the translation team, your sacrifice is worth it. Some day we will stand before the feet of God altogether.”

Translation, discipleship and church planting is a team effort. Photo by Jason Russ

Discipleship is an important part of the translation process. Teammates like the Whatleys, Panambunans, and Browns were part of the church planting team at one point or another alongside the Crocketts. Members of the Daboto community helped with translation and discipleship at different stages.

Photo by Heather Marx

Sepaiye was one of the first seven believers among the Moi people. He helped with the translation and said, “God’s talk exposes our hearts. Before God created the world he knew we were going to get his Word today because he loves us. Now that we have the sword of the Lord we can fight back against Satan. Don’t forget to hold on tight to God’s talk!”

Photo by Stephen Crockett

Doigumbi Maneapa, a church elder, said, “What I am really thankful to the Creator for is this. Wow! Our lives here are totally different! Based on what the Creator has done for us, we now celebrate with dancing, and we rejoice. And with joy we feast. And when I see that I think, ‘Wow, thank you Creator God.’ We could not have thought up the truth out of our own hearts. It is through the Creator’s book that we are able to see his characteristics and way of doing things, and it is through his actions that our lives have become different. On that basis, I am thinking ‘Thank you!’ to the Creator.” 

“Regarding this book, it’s in our language. It’s ours. But [even more] the purpose contained in it is for causing us to live well. And for that reason, the joy in my heart is beyond words!”

Departing Daboto. Photo by Heather Marx

Thanks to Steve and Carolyn Crockett, Brad McFarlane, and Heather Marx for providing the information for this article.