Opportunities for Serving

Use your skills, experience, and training to help make Bible translation possible! We need everyday, hands-on, technical, logistical and professional skills. Please consider these high-priority positions at the beautiful JAARS campus located in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Short-term housing and an RV park are available.

  • Advocacy Program Manager: Develop and maintain the program as well as manage staff and volunteers.

    Natalie Hall with a family who serves in Papua New Guinea
  • Aviation Mechanic: Ensure aircraft are maintained in an airworthy condition and available for dispatch, meeting the demands of busy mission flight schedules.
  • Product Manager of Technology: Manage the product strategy for a family of transportation applications.
  • Community Outreach Coordinator: Respond to and coordinate requests from the community for JAARS presentations and involvement.

Go here for a more complete list of service opportunities or contact us at outreach@jaars.org
or 877.313.0139.

“I’ve learned that every job is important for Bible translation. If we don’t do our jobs, then the Bible translators can’t do theirs.”

—Natalie Hall