JAARS Aviation Maintenance Consults

JAARS Aviation has been offering maintenance consults for many years. Recently, after I completed a week of consults at a mission training school, a school administrator reminded me that he had done a consult with me when he was a student—twenty years ago!

A maintenance consult serves several purposes. If you feel God is calling you to mission aviation, a consult can help you see what you need to work on or the type of experience you need to best prepare for a future in mission aviation. It also provides an opportunity for you to get to know more about our organization and the ways in which we serve Bible translation. And it allows us to get to know you in a more personal way so that we can more effectively pray for you as you seek to discover what God is calling you to do with your life.

It’s important to understand that a JAARS Maintenance Consult is NOT the same as a Technical Evaluation (TE). While the consultant asks questions and has you perform various tasks, no evaluative component is used. You are not graded and will not be given any type of score. On the contrary, the mission representative provides a great deal of explanation and feedback during the process.

Before requesting a consult with us, you should already have your Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certificates (or equivalent). Or if you are in the process of obtaining your A&P through an apprenticeship method, you should be at least a year and a half or preferably two years into that process.

The JAARS consultant will interact with you and observe while you perform various tasks including, but not limited to, oral questions, an aircraft inspection project, and a hands-on maintenance project. We suggest you apply your training and experience and demonstrate your best abilities within the training and skill areas you have already mastered.

We can hold a consultation in most any location: preferably, one that allows the use of an aircraft which we can set up for an inspection project, provides access to basic hand tools, and has a place to conduct an oral interview with minimal interruption. The minimum time needed to accomplish a consultation will be approximately four hours.

At the conclusion of the process, the consultant will share with you a verbal explanation of findings, and as soon as possible, provide a follow-up written summary that explains observations noted, including any areas of strength as well as recommendations for growth. If you so desire, you can share this information with those who will be working with you as you complete your training.
In conducting maintenance consults over the past twenty years, I’ve received many comments that show the benefits of a consult. Recently, I received an email from someone with whom I had done two consults about a year apart. That person wrote:

“For me, the consults were a really helpful part of the process. Looking back after the TE, I think that your assessment and the advice you gave me were both really good. I think that because of the consultations, I had a much more realistic idea of JAARS’s expectations for the TE and I had a much better idea of how to prepare. Finally, it helped me to get to know you and JAARS a little bit more which eased some of the nerves going into the TE. On my end, I really appreciated the time you took for me to obtain an idea of where I was and what I needed to work on.”

Another technician recently wrote:
“Overall I really enjoyed the consultation. I didn’t know what to expect and it ended up being way better than I had anticipated. It also showed me some weakness and I have already applied some of the tips you gave me in the projects we are working on now as we perform a 100-hr. [check] on a powerplant in one of our aircraft.”

If you are interested in knowing more about JAARS and our maintenance consults you can contact me via email at dennis_garretson@jaars.org or call me at 704.843.6254. We are always eager to do what we can to help future missionary aviation maintenance technicians prepare for what God has in store for them and their families.