Good News

These stacks of boxes contain freshly printed New Testaments in the language of the Jarawara people group of the Amazon rainforest. For the five years that we lived and served in Porto Velho, Brazil, I had the extreme privilege of regularly providing flights for the Jarawara translation team. It is such a joy to see the culmination of their decades of work!

I once sat in the translator’s home in the village after flying him there. As we shared a simple lunch together, his eyes welled with tears as he recalled the difficulties he and his young family previously faced when they tried to get to the village by boat. They faced a multi-day trek through swollen rivers in rainy season or dried up creeks in dry season. Along the way, they had to deal with fallen logs, bugs, alligators … just about everything worked against safe and easy trips to the village.

In a determined effort to develop a better way to reach their goal, they began the laborious task of carving out a 2,000-foot-long swath of trees just wide enough for safe operations of our small aircraft. What a blessing! They prepared the way for aviation service to turn their trip into a safe, reliable one-hour flight.

Now, we praise the Lord for years of safe aviation operations, his protection over this family, and the impact of the literacy programs throughout the years that have enabled this people group to read God’s Word—which they now have available in their language!

This Google Earth view shows the airstrip and village. Below the village are fields cut out of the jungle. To reach this remote village, a foot traveler spends a day trekking on a muddy road and then still has to navigate three bodies of water. The smallest, a creek off the right of the runway, is hidden by the jungle canopy in this photo.
Jake Anderson

Jake Anderson

Jake and Gina Anderson have served Bible translators and other missionaries in Brazil since 2008. They have four children—Oliver, Ari, Gabriel and Sofia.