God Provides a Toolbox

“God has a wonderful way of affirming his will for my life,” Daniel Rounds says when he describes the surprising way God supplied tools and a toolbox, just when he needed them. Daniel feels his training at Moody Aviation has already affirmed his skills and abilities as an aviation mechanic. But this past semester, he had the joy of seeing God provide for him in a different way.

At the beginning of the semester, after his parents had already generously paid his tuition, Daniel received a $2,500 scholarship. The additional funds enabled him to purchase much needed tools—with perfect timing because as a student he received massive discounts from tool dealers such as Snap-On and Craftsman.

But God wasn’t finished. Daniel then needed storage for his ever growing tool collection. He scoured Craigslist to find a quality toolbox that was the right size and configuration for an airplane mechanic’s tools. Near the end of the semester he finally found just the right one … at the wrong price! He watched the posting for a couple of months, checking back once, twice, many times, hoping the price would drop. Finally, the asking price fit his budget. With high expectations, he contacted the seller only to have his hopes dashed. He was too late. Someone else was coming to look at the box. When he didn’t hear any more from the seller, he concluded the toolbox just wasn’t ‘the one.’
Little did Daniel know that this was all part of God’s plan. When he showed up at the hangar the next week, he was astonished to see that exact toolbox sitting on the hanger floor. He recognized it because it had the same small area of corrosion on the front. He learned that a Moody employee had purchased it, planning to clean it up and resell it to a student. Daniel bought the box from him for the exact price listed on Craigslist. But there’s more to the story. The toolbox was too big to have been transported in his car. He would have had to make complicated arrangements to get it to the hangar. God had even taken care of having it delivered to the hangar!

The toolbox would have been extraordinary by itself, but God’s affirmation continued. Daniel found a solid wooden table at a thrift store that he could repurpose as a work surface for the top of the box. Daniel concludes, “These provisions helped erase any doubts I had about God’s will for my mission career. I cannot wait to share how God continues to affirm me in extraordinary ways as I continue my training at Moody.”

This coming winter, Daniel and his wife, Karys, plan to go to Indonesia with YAJASI for his internship. After that? Maybe God will direct him to service with JAARS!  Only time will tell.