Bible Dedication in Pictures

Ever wish you could be a part of a Bible dedication for a remote people group in the jungle? Today your wish is granted through this photo collection. Come along as the northern Moskona people receive Scripture in their heart language! We’re going to Papua, Indonesia, where mission aviation is a must!

Precious cargo: The boxes contain newly printed northern Moskona New Testaments.
Cargo Destination: a northern Moskona village deep in the heart of the jungle
A view along the way
The northern Moskona are a beautiful, hard-working people group …
… who live in homes like these.
Andy and Debbie Abbott, a South African Wycliffe couple, have served here for many years.
The villagers gather to celebrate.
They have come dressed for a very special party.
The most precious gift imaginable: The long-awaited New Testament in their own language will speak to their hearts!

May this gift lead the northern Moskona people into a close and meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ that is truly life-changing! Aviation service to and from the village has been essential to the translators’ ministry among the Moskona people for over two decades.

Special thanks to Tim Harold and Sam Marlowe who shared these beautiful photos and to Melinda Whited who shared them with us for inclusion in Centerline.