Jaars Center

Grow in Community

During their fellowship, fellows:

  • gather twice weekly as a cohort/cohorts—playing games, eating lunch or dinner together, or simply sitting and talking with one another
  • live in community in the same apartment building on the JAARS campus
  • discover Waxhaw, Charlotte, and the surrounding areas through outings with their JAARS Fellows community. Outings provide opportunities to experience genuine biblical community. Fellows have a chance to get to know their fellowship cohort and participate in recreational and leisure activities in the greater Waxhaw area. Outings fellows may experience during their fellowship include:
    • apple picking in the North Carolina mountains
    • a beach trip to a local beach in North Carolina or South Carolina
    • experiencing a favorite local sport at the Lancaster Motor Speedway
    • dinner at one of Waxhaw’s downtown restaurants
    • international food cook-off
    • orienteering
    • tubing down the river
    • aerial tour in a JAARS airplane or helicopter
    • attending CrossVenture

Questions? Email us at fellows@jaars.org, or call 704.843.6322.