Jaars Center

Develop Spiritually and Personally

During their fellowship, fellows:

  • meet regularly (approximately weekly) with their spiritual coach. Each fellow is prayerfully paired with another JAARS staff person who has felt called to mentor and walk alongside a fellow. These meetings are individualized and may look different depending on the pairing and their preferences. Historically, some coaches and coachees have done Bible studies together, prayed together, eaten meals together, or simply sat with one another and talked about life.
  • attend Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and explore God’s global purpose
  • deepen their relationship with God
  • live from a Biblical worldview, valuing God’s word
  • embrace God’s truth in their lives
  • practice regular spiritual disciplines:
    • personal time with the Lord
    • prayer, petition, listening, and fasting
    • worship
    • Bible study
    • participating in a local church body
    • sharing your faith in word and deed
  • attend monthly life skills training (a.k.a. Life Hacks that include everything from vehicle maintenance to budgeting to active listening)
  • practice positive interpersonal skills
  • collaborate with teams
  • increase cultural awareness
  • discover and implement solutions to daily living challenges
  • develop lifelong relationships

Questions? Email us at fellows@jaars.org, or call 704.843.6322.