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Note: Locations and equipment may vary.

Many of the people still without scripture in their own language today live on isolated islands, or along difficult rivers or coastlines—remote places of the world that are only accessible by boat!

In 2020, the CrossVenture team partnered with the JAARS Maritime team to develop a new program that would highlight the role of maritime services in missions and Bible translation. CrossVenture|Coastal is a five-day camp program aimed at engaging young people in the world of maritime missions—specifically, the role that boats play in getting scripture to those still waiting to hear God’s Word for the very first time.


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Ready to dive into learning about maritime missions? Join us for a week on the Atlantic coast! You’ll stay in dorm-style housing at our host facility as you learn about water safety and get hands on experience crewing and piloting power boats through currents and coastal waterways! You’ll also experience maritime-themed devotions and be challenged to consider how you can be involved in the Great Commission.

Who: CrossVenture|Coastal is open to individual registrations as well as groups, ages 14-18 years. There are 24 slots available per program.

2024 Dates: July 8th-12th, 2024

The average cost of CrossVenture|Coastal is $450-650 per week.

If your group is interested in a weekend version of CrossVenture|Coastal, please contact us directly. We can accommodate older age groups in our weekend programs.

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At CrossVenture|Coastal, you’ll spend the week learning how to “Do Missions On the Water”, through Maritime themed devotions, on-board training, and in-water survival simulation. Here are just a few of the things you’ll get to experience…

  • Explore basic vessel systems, communication and navigation
  • Develop a “float plan”
  • Put together a safety ditch kit and practice using it
  • Master key nautical knots
  • Explore maritime needs in missions
  • Grow in your understanding of Scripture and God’s call to missions
  • Hear real life stories from real life missionaries
  • Experience helm time on more than one type/size boat with a certified captain
  • Maneuver through currents and coastal waterways
  • Practice in-water simulated survival scenarios


Space is limited so call 704-843-6431 to reserve your spot today or register here.

“CrossVenture|Coastal exceeded my expectations… I was expecting to learn about maritime things, which I did, but I don’t think I expected God to speak to me so personally. I think I’m closer to really giving God my future… the idea of overseas missions still scares me a bit, but if that’s where God leads I want to follow.”

–Participant, CVC

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