Ready for Service

By Mary Beth Johnson

Skill, knowledge, experience are key elements that can make all the difference when families and individuals are approaching missions in a demanding new setting. They need focused, specialized training to prepare them for the challenges they will encounter.

These families and individuals who trained at JAARS in the past year are now in Papua New Guinea experiencing SIL’s Field Training Course. Photo: Crystal Davis, Luke Garvey

Over the past year, a number of families and individuals received this type of training at JAARS as they prepared for the roles they’ll have in their new home and culture in Papua New Guinea (PNG). These courses included the Intercultural Communications Course (ICC), pre-field aviation orientation, vernacular media specialist training, as well as water safety and 4WD skills training.

Now they’re all in PNG and participating in FTC (Field Training Course). This new two-month training course was created by the SIL PNG branch to prepare incoming personnel for life in their new home. During the first month of FTC students learn about PNG culture, food, life at Ukarumpa, and begin building a foundation of learning Tok Pisin (PNG trade language). In the second month, families and individuals will live in various villages to gain firsthand experience of living as a Papua New Guinean.

Once FTC is complete, they’ll serve and support Bible translation in many areas: aviation, Scripture engagement, vernacular media, translation, communications, teaching, health care (nurse), computers and technical services, and construction and maintenance.

It’s a new year and, here at JAARS, our first ICC started last week with a new group of families and individuals preparing for their ministry assignments around the world. In March, the spring pre-field aviation orientation begins. And as the year continues, training courses and workshops in other specialized areas will be taking place.

Hundreds of missionaries have depended on our training solutions for help as they prepare for or go about their demanding, sometimes risky work overseas. Learn more about the training we offer that helps make Bible translation possible. Your gifts and prayers help make it happen! Thank you!