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God recently turned challenges into welcome blessings for our mission partners.

The first challenge arose as JAARS was modifying a newer Cessna 206 to replace SIL Cameroon Aviation’s aging one. Cameroon’s new fees made it too expensive to buy AVGAS—the fuel needed to operate the 206—in country or import it from JAARS, as SIL Cameroon had done in the past. With heavy hearts, the aviation team decided they couldn’t afford to operate the Cessna 206.

With SIL Cameroon’s decision, JAARS faced an imposing challenge: what to do with the now-homeless Cessna 206. JAARS would need to find a new home for this valuable asset.

Meanwhile, a violent storm occurred deep in the Amazon rainforest where SAMAIR Peru, South America Mission’s aviation group, serves. This organization, a JAARS partner, is the only mission aviation provider in Peru. The storm destroyed their Cessna 206 floatplane, a vital link to the isolated villages that dot the banks of Peru’s rivers and lakes.

Two mechanics work on the Cessna 206 that will now be going to SAMAIR Peru

The entire SAMAIR staff agreed they had to replace the Cessna. But how?

With the help of people like YOU who give to JAARS Aviation Solutions, JAARS is responding to SAMAIR Peru’s critical need and completing work on the Cessna 206 according to their specifications. Hopefully it will reach Peru in late August, and mechanics there will add the necessary floats.

Since SAMAIR will cover some of the cost of the Cessna 206 work, JAARS can now redeploy funds given to our Aviation Solutions and provide subsidies for SIL Cameroon’s mission flights.

God turned the challenges SIL Cameroon, JAARS, and SAMAIR Peru faced into huge blessings! God has used your gifts and the flexibility of JAARS to bless more people. Thank YOU for helping JAARS maintain its flexibility to make sudden changes and meet the needs of our overseas partners when you give to our Solutions!


God has used your gifts and the flexibility of JAARS to bless more people.



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