You can provide the means to access Scripture in sensitive locations

In March 2011, Phil gave a copy of an English Orthodox Jewish Bible to a rabbi. The rabbi then proceeded to rip the Bible up into a garbage can. Phil prayed for the Lord’s help.

Not long after, Phil received a request from someone at YouVersion asking for the digital rights to put the Jewish Bible on their Bible app.

Phil realized what the Lord had done: people couldn’t destroy God’s Word because God had made it available online. “You can put Bibles digitally everywhere,”
Phil explained.

He’s now putting the Bible translated into Yiddish on a newly crafted website that he created at a recent workshop conducted by our Scripture Website* partner. With help from instructors, Phil accomplished in days what would have taken him months.

Phil present his newly created website to other participants at a workshop.

Phil says, “It’s amazing. They open the world of website building to [someone] who might never have built a website before.”

Our Scripture Website partner, who plans more online and in-person website-building workshops this year, needs your help to make them happen.

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Opportunity $60,000*

You can help people in sensitive locations access God’s Word digitally by giving to JAARS Media Solutions.
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