You can provide important upgrades to our training fleet

Imagine taking a 4WD course using a manual transmission vehicle—which you’ve never driven—to prepare you for driving an automatic vehicle overseas because that’s your only option. The training is still valuable, but not nearly as beneficial as it could be.

The JAARS R44 training helicopter in the mountains of NC

The JAARS Aviation Training department has the same challenge. For years, we have trained orientees in an R44 piston-engine helicopter before they head overseas. This helicopter was both economical to operate and represented aircraft operated by our partners. However, over the last few years, this has slowly been changing.

Today, all of our overseas partners operate turbine-powered aircraft. So JAARS has decided, with your help, to replace our piston-powered R44 with a turbine-powered R66. Offering practical R66 experience at JAARS will better equip orientees for service with our overseas partners who operate turbine-powered aircraft. It will be less stressful and very strategic.

The more R66 training and prep pilots and mechanics receive at JAARS, the less “extra flying” our field partners have to squeeze in between flights for Bible translators and other mission workers.

The training prior to arriving also relieves some of the stress of transition for pilot-mechanics. Rob Peterson, a helicopter pilot at JAARS, explains, “That’s why orientation exists at its root—to build a certain amount of that training in place before they arrive so that it is not all new at every level when they arrive.”

Besides providing more relevant training for pilot-mechanics going to field assignments with our partners, God will use an R66 at JAARS to open doors we haven’t thought possible. Pilot-mechanics with smaller organizations who will be flying turbine-engine helicopters overseas could see the value of training at JAARS. As Rob says, “An R66 [will] position us to better serve the larger aviation community.”

Jeff and Rob in the JAARS R44 training helicopter