Touchdown Zone: Musula

Airstrip: Musula

Region: Papua New Guinea

Language Groups served: Kasua

Surface: Grass

Elevation: 780 feet

Length: 650 meters/2,133 feet

Width: 34 meters/112 feet

Slope: 2.4%

Interesting Fact:

The Musula airstrip has always been the only way to reach the remote Kasua community on the south side of Mount Bosavi. Hiking in? Impossible because of mountainous terrain with lots of limestone pinnacles and sinkholes. Thanks to this airstrip, translators Tommy and Konni Logan have been able to work alongside the Kasua people for 26 years, translating the New Testament into the Kasua language. They dedicated the New Testament in October 2017. Watch here.

 With Tommy as an advisor, the Kasua team is now shifting its focus to translating the Old Testament. And local translators and consultant checking assistants will continue to depend on aviation service for travel to Ukarumpa for workshops and translation work. The airstrip is also the villagers’ physical lifeline for the transport of crucial trade store goods and services and lifesaving medical evacuations.

Time Saved:

 The airstrip is 180 nautical miles straight west from Ukarumpa, 1 hour and 15 minutes travel by air.

A view of Musula from the tree tops


Musula sits at the base of Mt. Bosavi, an extinct volcano.


Pilot Jonathan Federwitz unloading and giving the Kasua people the New Testament in their language
Musula tucked amidst the trees


Three Kodiaks on the ground for the Kasua New Testament Dedication


Visitors welcomed to the celebration


A crowd dances around the airplanes in a welcome celebration


Kasua in traditional dress for the celebration


Precious cargo – Kasua New Testaments


Overhead Musula


Aerial shot of Musula