Touchdown Zone: DAHAMO

Aerial view of Dahamo airstrip

Region: Papua New Guinea
Surface: Grass/gravel/algae
Elevation: 520 feet
Length: 610 meters/2,001 feet
Width: 27 meters/88.5 feet
Slope: 2.3%

People Group Served: Konai

Interesting Fact:Sören and Britten Årsjöfrom Sweden completed the Ama New Testament in 1991 and began working among the Konai in 1994. The Konai New Testament dedication on Easter weekend 2015 celebrated 21 years of work and God’s faithfulness. The airstrip has been used many times to evacuate seriously ill people, like the teenage girl with a severe stomach ache. She was evacuated and underwent emergency surgery for a burst appendix. She would not have survived without immediate air service.

Time Saved: After a couple of days travel to reach a major airport and fly to Kiunga, it takes three more days of travel by canoe and walking to reach Dahamo. By air from Aiyura to Dahamo, it is a 90-minute flight.

Two Kodiaks at Dahamo for the Konai Scripture dedication on Easter weekend 2015. Photo by Amy Evers


A missionary mechanic repairs the tractor used to maintain the Dahamo airstrip. A small crowd of Konai people look on—very typical in Papua New Guinea. Photo by Jonathan Federwitz


Two Konai men read their New Testament with two Kodiaks and Dahamo airstrip in background. Photo by David Barton


Visitors attending the Konai New Testament dedication on Easter weekend 2015 are unloaded from a Kodiak at Dahamo airstrip. Photo by Amy Evers