Suspicious cargo?

Do you see anything suspicious in the cargo I recently flew from Australia to Papua New Guinea?

The quarantine officers inspecting my cargo saw nothing of concern … until they looked at the flight manifest that listed three dead cats and five dead rats!

Well-documented and preserved laboratory-bred specimens for our high school anatomy and physiology lab class were packed in the “CAROLINA” box. This unusual cargo gave cause for a one-hour delay and a number of quick phone calls as the quarantine officers did their job to ensure everything was in order before releasing my aircraft and cargo to officially enter the country.

Opportunities like this give me unexpected joy and add variety to my day. I am glad to help our school provide quality learning experiences for our children. It’s a blessing to be a part of a team that significantly supports Bible translation in Papua New Guinea.

Christopher Clark

Christopher is a missionary pilot in Papua New Guinea. He and his wife, Darlene, have served there since 2004, supporting the work of Bible translation through their gifts in teaching and aviation.