Keeping Aviation Training Up to Speed

JAARS provides world-class training for missionary pilots and mechanics—training they need to fly into some of the most primitive airfields on earth.

To be effective, our training fleet must replicate the aircraft used overseas. Plus, theFAA is requiring that certain avionics be installed in all aircraft by 2020. To accomplish this, our aging fleet—though well maintained—now requires a comprehensive renewal program, summarized here:

  • Install ADS-B equipment that will help air traffic controllers track aircraft; an upgraded avionics package with flat panel displays; improved flight tracking equipment; and engine and flight control data recorders
  • Overhaul airframes, including repainting and interior refurbishment
  • Acquire specialized maintenance equipment for turbine engines

Good stewardship is always a priority at JAARS. All work will be done by JAARS personnel and volunteers. Additionally, the program will be carefully managed over several years to ensure that aircraft will always be available to maintain training excellence.

The fleet renewal program will enable JAARS to provide distinctive, mission-focused training and support for global aviation programs well into the future. Keep our training aircraft world-class at renewal.