Welcome, New Maintenance Manager

With all the coming and going in missions it seems jobs are always changing. Read about an exciting position change at YAJASI.

Last month Dano passed the manager’s baton on to Sony Haumeny, another qualified mechanic who has completed all the same JAARS training as the rest of the mechanics at YAJASI. Dano is excited to step out of this role although it has been a good, growing experience for him. He is looking forward to turning the wrench more and spending less time behind a desk working on government paperwork. By stepping out of the role now, he will have time to help Sony with his new position before the Whited family leaves for furlough in June.

An exciting part of this transition is that for the first time, an Indonesian staff member will hold the position. Sony, who has a great attitude and personality, has worked at YAJASI longer than any of the other mechanics on the team. He has also received training and certification in America and is the only Indonesian we have with all the required licenses from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and from the Indonesian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Most important, he cares about the work of Bible translation. Another plus: He won’t have to take a long leave of absence to go on furlough.

This transition is what most missions are striving for … enabling local staff members to assume supervisory and leadership roles (sometimes called “working yourself out of a job”). Rejoice and pray with us and that God will continue to raise up Indonesians with a passion to join in the task.

Dano and Melinda Whited

Dano and Melinda Whited

Dano and Melinda Whited moved to Sentani, Papua Indonesia, in February 2012. Dano is an aircraft mechanic who served as the Maintenance Manager with YAJASI, our partner there. Melinda is the Hospitality Coordinator for the many who go to serve short-term or long-term in Sentani. She also stays busy running their household and homeschooling four of their seven children.