Challenges of Road Travel in Papua New Guinea

Sometimes people wonder why we use airplanes and helicopters to serve Bible translation. The pictures below show some of the challenges of road transportation in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Rain can turn a road into a muddy mess overnight, making travel almost impossible.

These guys are trying to get a four-wheel-drive truck up a small incline that has turned into a slippery clay mess. Photo shared by Dave Barton

Unfortunately bridge collapses seem to be fairly common in PNG—another reason why we use airplanes and helicopters to support Bible translation! Recently one of the bridges between Ukarumpa, our mission community in the Highlands and the coastal town of Madang collapsed. So when we make the drive to the coast next month, we expect to drive through the river instead of over this bridge.

Bridge to Madang Photo shared by Dave Barton
Dave Barton

Dave Barton

Dave Barton and his wife, Deb, have served in Papua New Guinea since 1999. After flying and filling aviation roles for many years, Dave now serves as director for the Bible translation work in Papua New Guinea. In this role, he leads a multicultural team of personnel who facilitate all of the Wycliffe Bible translation efforts throughout the country. Deb works in the finance office processing payments, and assisting with a variety of tasks.