Are you in the GAP?

Are you interested in missions, but unsure if it’s really what God is calling you to do? Maybe it’s time to check out JAARS Fellows.

College grads, after spending a grueling four years to obtain a degree in the field of their choice, are often excited to begin their career only to be confronted with that all too familiar phrase, “experience required.” Let’s call this frustrating situation the GAP. How does someone get a job in a field that requires experience, when no one hires without experience? Is there a way to close that GAP?

JAARS understands this frustration! Our JAARS Fellows experience offers an exciting way for you to gain that much needed experience while you explore the world of missions! As a Fellow you can work in a key professional staff position and see how your training and skills can be applied to support mission aviation.

JAARS Aviation Training is offering one of the Fellows positions currently open at JAARS. We need a Fellow who can help us leverage today’s technology to revamp and improve the system currently in use with our training programs. Currently, pilots and mechanics are required to complete Recurrent Training once every five years. We are finding that is not ideal for maintaining standards and connectivity with our field programs spread out around the globe. In the past, communication between home base in Waxhaw, North Carolina, and the field programs depended on slow and expensive phone and internet systems.

Things have changed! Today, most locations around the globe use cellphones and sat phones to have instantaneous communication. JAARS is launching a new initiative, the Continuous Professional Development program which will be based on eLearning and internet-based training modules. One of the goals of this program will be to enable each overseas program to contribute content that can be digitized and made available to all the other programs, bringing the synergy of the team together in a two-way collaboration.

If you have used online programs as part of your undergrad work—programs like Blackboard or Canvas—we have a place for you! Would you consider joining our team for the 11-month merit-based Fellows program? The Fellows program is designed to create a community that will help you develop spiritually, professionally, and personally, while bridging the GAP. The deadline to apply for Cohort C is April 30. Apply now and see what God can do through you! Go here for details.

BJ Diggins

BJ Diggins

BJ and Kris Diggins have been members of Wycliffe since 1996. They served in Brazil for 10 years and in 2007 returned to JAARS. BJ serves as Aviation Training Manager. Kris contributes as an adjunct educational principles instructor.